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Apr 29, 2022

Words With Friends is an online word game that is similar to the traditional board game, Scrabble, except that it was initially released only as an app. 

It's a cross-platform game that works on Android, iOS/iPhone, Windows phones and tablets, and the Kindle Fire, as well as social networking sites like Facebook and others. 

Except for a few small modifications in point value (for certain letters) and bonus tiles, the majority of the rules are nearly identical to those of Scrabble. The board arrangement is likewise unique, and they make reference to other dictionaries.

How to Play Words with Friends (WWF)

Using only the letters on the board, the player must construct word maker in order to advance in WWF. To begin the game, each player is given seven letter tiles at random. Each turn, a new set of seven tiles is added to the board, and this continues until all 104 tiles have been utilised, at which point the game ends. It is a game of turn-taking in which players take turns constructing or playing off already formed words on the board. Passing your turn or exchanging letters with the pool of already unused tiles is also an option. 

The star at the middle of the board must be covered by the first word generator of every game. Depending on how they choose to proceed after this initial move, players can either continue building on that word or begin a new one at any position on the board. 
Although there are over 225 squares on the Words With Friends game board, each square has its own unique characteristics. By carefully inserting words, you can take advantage of extra squares before your opponent does (s). 

Bonus squares 

  • Double Word (DW or 2W) Points
  • Triple Word (TW or 3W) Points
  • Double Letter (DL or 2L) Points
  • Triple Letter (TL or 3L) Points

About 80% of the game's result is determined by 52 squares. To maximize your scores, use these 52 locations to play TW squares in conjunction with TL squares. To win in Words With Friends, you must score the most points possible before the game expires. 

Play with a group of pals or go head-to-head in a two-player game with a word maker. Play against the computer in the practice mode if you can't find any online buddies to play with. If you like, you may let the app match you up with strangers online. 

Words with Friends Playing Rules 


This game's three most important guidelines are as follows: 

  • Using the tiles horizontally and vertically, you may compose a variety of words. 
  • The first word you write is now placed on the plus tile automatically. 
  • Connect new words to ones that have already been used. 


The following are the four stages you must take: 

  • It's easy to replace individual tiles if you don't like them. You must take a turn in order to swap tiles. 
  • When you're ready to speak, press the "Play" button to tell your opponent. 
  • Your turns will be announced to you via push notifications. 
  • Finally, you can play the game and communicate with your pals at the same time. 
  • It's important to keep these regulations in mind while playing Words with Friends. 

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Wrestling World Championship

To help you win in Words with Friends, we've compiled a handy cheat sheet. 

Getting started is a lot easier if you start small. 

With a 5-letter word or a two-letter term, you'll be able to make money later on. With just two letters, you'll be able to get rid of your least favourite tiles right away. A five-letter term also makes it easier for your opponent to develop a lay along after you say it. 

As a result, you'll be able to earn points for your words more easily this way. Many players have benefited from this tip in their quest for victory. Using this method, you may remove the letters you don't want. 

Use the coloured squares to your advantage. 

To maximise your bonus points, you must play tiles on the coloured squares. Aside from that, you'll rack up additional points by selecting the DL, TL, DW, and TW squares for your moves. The term "WORK" is yours therefore let's think about it. 

As a result, this term is worth 11 points to you. This means you can earn 57 points if you have a TL and a TK. Because of this, you must play a calculated game. As a result, you'll want to place your letters in the correct tiles. It is usually recommended that you utilise the coloured squares, as a result of this. 

The bonus multipliers can be combined in this step. 

Combining all of the extra multipliers is another way to succeed in this game. As a result, combining the word maker multiplier and letter multiplier is necessary in order to unlock large numbers of points. As a result, you may simply win this game and annihilate your opponents by using this simple strategy. 

Focus on two separate games at once. 

Making new phrases that sound like those in current plays is one of the finest tactics. More points may be earned by constructing two or three-letter words. This is a simple method that will get you a lot of brownie points. 

Let's imagine you've arranged the letters "HUMAN" in four squares to make the word. You now create "APEX" in the same way as the previous word. 70 points are earned as a result of the overlap. So it's a win-win situation: more is better. You'll win the game much more rapidly if you score more points. 

Hooking up more crucial points is essential in this step. 

So, to create a new word, you just add a hook to an existing term. In addition, it's simple to put together and pays off handsomely in the long run. So, you may create new words by adding alphabets to the end or beginning of existing ones. Adding tiles to the top or bottom of the text allows you to play perpendicularly as well. 


As with any game, practice makes you perfect, and word building is no exception. Add some or all of these methods to your Words With Friends gaming, and you'll soon be a master of the game! Play Words With Friends on your iOS or Android device.


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