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Wordfeud is a multiple player game that has entered the world of Scrabble lovers worldwide. Continue your winning streak or outdo your new rivals with our Wordfeud cheat tool. It allows you to find words and win Wordfeud games one after another.

Do not believe us? Try it once and see how Wordfeud help can turn the game in your favour.

History of Wordfeud

Wordfeud is a multiple layer game developed by Bertheussen IT in the year 2010. Currently, the game is available on Android, iOS and Windows 7 devices.

Play with up to 30 friends and random players all over the world. Rated high on many portals including TechRadar, Wordfeud is found to have many similarities with Scrabble and even with Words with Friends.

It is available in multiple languages— Danish, Dutch, English, French, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish. Share tips and other vital information with your playmates via the ‘chat; feature.

If you are one ardent lover of word games, Wordfeud is one game that you simply can’t miss playing. Play it with family, friends or total strangers sitting miles away.

How to play Wordfeud

Many people learn it as they play but knowing the rules of the game can help you make the most of every winning opportunity and keep your scorecard moving up.

Basic rules of the game

  • 1. Players have to choose between a ‘random board’ and ‘standard board’. In the former, the DL, TL, DW and TW positions are random unlike the latter. In most big games and championships, the standard board is preferred.
  • 2. There are in total 104 tiles on the board. Each player gets 7 each to start off the game.
  • 3. Words are spelt from left to right and from top to bottom. Each letter has a point value assigned to it.
  • 4. Every player is given 72 hours to complete the word. Beyond which, you lose the game.
  • 5. DL stands for Double letter value. It doubles the value of the letter placed on it.
  • 6. TL stands for triple letter value. It triples the value of the letter placed on it.
  • 7. DW stands for Double word count. It doubles the total value of the word formed on it.
  • 8. TW stands for triple word count. It triples the total value of the word formed on it.
  • 9. During the game, if you managed to use all the 7 tiles in one play, you’re rewarded with ‘BINGO’. This wins you 40 points.
  • 10. Players can pass the turn if unable to use the tiles. The game concludes if the pass is used more than thrice.
  • 11. The game ends if any of the players have run out of all the tiles.

How to use the Wordfeud Help

Wordfeud help is designed for new and professional word game players.

Here's how it works

  • 1. Enter the letters you have on the Wordfeud cheat board.
  • 2. You can use the wildcard ‘?’ or ‘ space’ in place of blank or joker tile.
  • 3. You can further filter down the results with words
    • starting and ending with specific letters
    • consisting of a specific combination of letters of specific length
  • 4. Select the Wordfeud dictionary:
    • Words with Friends
    • Scrabble US
    • Scrabble UK
    • All Dictionary
  • 5. Click ‘Search’

The search engine will display all possible words on the result page, from the highest score to the lowest score. Use words that work for you.

Is it fair to use the Wordfeud cheat board

Wordfeud help is for those who actually need it. Those who love words and have good vocab are less likely to use the tool than those who

  • are new to Wordfeud and the world of word-based games
  • are stuck in a crucial game and want to win it at any cost
  • just need a cue to decode the puzzle
  • want to get better at the game
  • want to learn new words for games like Scrabble and Words with Friends
  • want to improve their communication skills

Our aim is to help players have a great time, solving the puzzles and do not get demotivated at the first sight of complex words. We recommend, introduce a common rule that enables all the players to use the Wordfeud helper a limited number of time like up to 3 times in the game.

Have a chat with your playmates to make the Wordfeud cheat board a key resource in the game. Once you get the hang of the game, the frequency of using the Wordfeud help will reduce and you will become a pro.

How to win Wordfeud games

There are no shortcuts to success but you can improve your chances by learning some pro tips from the seasoned players shared below:

  • 1. Find short words with high-valued alphabets like J, Q, X and Z.
  • 2. Save tiles that can win you a ‘BINGO’ but not your opponents.
  • 3. Don’t give away opportunities to make a 7 letter word by making a 5 or 6 letter word.
  • 4. Look for opportunities to place the high-valued letters on DL or TL square.
  • 5. Try swapping the tiles in the beginning and use the ‘pass’ only if needed.
  • 6. Leverage the moves your opponents are making.
  • 7. Look for words that can end with s, ing and ed.
  • 8. Practice, practice and practice.
  • 9. Read books, newspapers and other online resources to learn winning words.
  • 10. Last but not least —Wordfeud help can get the answer to scrambled letters or anagrams you come across on the board. Visit the site on your laptop, smartphone or tablet and get started. It is all free.


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