Addicted to playing Word Cookies daily puzzles? Well, who doesn’t love a stimulating and brain wrecking session of trying to spell words from letters that don’t make sense?

Playing word cookies is extremely entertaining just until you realize that you can still work on building your vocabulary. Your linguistic skills will only take you to the talented chef or probably star chef level. But if you are dreaming of acing the highest levels, we can help you inch up the leaderboard in no time.

Start racking up points with the help of this free word cookie answers tool.

About Word Cookies Game

Word cookie is another challenging and entertaining word puzzle game developed by BitMango. BitMango is a Korean developer, known for developing fun and challenging mobile puzzle games like Roll the Ball and Block hexa puzzle.

This amazing single player brain teaser can be downloaded on both android and iOS devices. Online version of this puzzle is also available for Windows users.

You'll find over 2000+ different levels with varying complexity. New levels are added with every update. The initial levels are easy with three or four letter word puzzles and the degree of difficulty keeps increasing as you climb up the levels.

What's different about Word Cookies

Word Cookies is a baking themed puzzle featuring an intuitive interface, delightful soundtrack and pleasing visuals. It follows the same gameplay as the other word puzzles. The player has to find as many words as possible using the combination of letters that appear on the screen.

What's fun is that these letters are displayed on a pan and you have to bake words in your cake pan. On completing each level players are rewarded with baking points. The points are of great help in difficult levels where you can use them to unlock clues and hints when you feel stuck.

Word Cookies Cheat Sheet

Well, if you are exhausted and just want to be given all the word cookies answers and get past the level you are stuck at; we hear you. Allow us to satisfy your unscrambling needs with an amazing and easy to use word cookies cheat solution.

This online tool is the key to winning any word puzzle game and exploring new words to improve your vocabulary. From Scrabble to Words with Friends and more, this easy word solver quickly unscrambles letters to form words that you can use to win even the most difficult word cookies level.

You can also explore the advanced word search criteria to get filtered results.

How to use Word Cookies Cheat Sheet

To use our Word Cookies cheat sheet follow the steps listed below:

  • Simply type the letters in the search box and click enter
  • You will see a list of possible words derived from the letters you typed
  • Choose the words that you think will solve your puzzle

Note: The search results will feed you words in different combinations including:

Words with 3 letters
Words with 4 letters
Words with 5 letters
Words with 6 letters

You can also use the advanced filters for more complex puzzles. The filter contains the options to find a specific word by putting in:

  • First letter
  • Last letter
  • Letters a word must contain

Tips & Tricks to Play Word Cookies

When it comes to word puzzles, we all feel stuck at some point!

Indulge in clever wordplay and master all the word cookies level with the help of our tips and tricks. Keep reading.

  • For times when the letters stop making sense, use the shuffle button. Tapping the shuffle button will mix up the letters in your tray and the change of alignment might give you a new perspective.
  • The clock isn’t ticking when you are playing word cookies. Literally! We mean that there’s no tip cap for completing a puzzle. So take your sweet time to bake those cookies to perfection.
  • No timer and no penalty for wrong answers. Don’t hesitate to put in some guesswork or play with different word ideas.
  • If the jumble of letters on the tray aren’t making sense, try giving a closer look to the words that you’ve completed. Rearranging the letters from the completed words can help figure out what you're missing. You might be able to come up with a new word from the ones you’ve already spelled.
  • You can also spend some of your hard earned baking points and buy yourself a hint that will disclose the first letter of a word.

Lastly, if shuffling and hints and racking up your brain isn’t helping; then we can. Use word cookies answers to unscramble the hardest of puzzles.


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