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It is a helping tool to find words that solve Scrabble, Words with Friends, anagram, daily crosswords and other games. All you need to do is type letters as per your search criteria and you’ll have a number of results listed on the screen.

Solve word-based board games you play with your family, friends or use to outscore your opponents in online games. Insert vowels, consonants or wild cards and you will have unimaginable words composed of unique letter combinations.

Use the results wisely for the word solver tool is useful for those who have a strategy in mind but need extra help to get a reasonable lead in the game. Those who are new to the world of word games, they may find it exceptionally resourceful to build their vocabulary and get better at solving word puzzles.

How word solver turns a word maker

Word solver is basically a word maker. What it does is make words that are used to solve word-based games.

A word maker provides a number of word choices based on the entered letters. The resulting words are acceptable to most of the word-based games played around the world.

Leverage the power of the tool using the right dictionary like Scrabble US, Scrabble UK, Words With Friends and global for filtered words. Find words that best works for the kind of game you are playing.

Instead of meaningless meandering on the board and or staring at the tiles, get moving, use the word solver and register some priceless wins under your belt.

The games you need word solver for

Wondering, if or not, to use the word solver for board games? It is normal to feel guilty about using help, especially if you are playing with your family and friends.

But if you are frequently losing close games, struggling to recollect long and tricky words for Scrabble, or the stakes are high on the next game, it is fair to access the website for some help and continue building the momentum of the game.

You can find the site helpful in the following games:


What you can do to solve an anagram? It can be anything from a word, phrase or a long sentence composed of tricky words.

Tried hard but still stuck? Run of options? The frustration is real but word solver can do the trick for you. Enter the letters to unscramble in the search box and get the answer to your word game.

This is about solving, what if you have to challenge an anagram champion? Enter some difficult letters starting with X, J and or O to find words that are rarely used but exist in the language.

Those into anagramming can tell you how useful the tool can be.

Word Puzzles

There is no dearth of word-based games online that require you to unscramble jumbled letters to score points —and ultimately the game.

Some of the popular word games are

Scrabble: From kids as young as eight years to adults can play this fun game. Play with family, friends or total strangers online, the game is available to play free on both iTunes and Google Play. Download the game on your smartphone, iPad or iPhone and get started

Words With Friends: A lot similar to Scrabble, Words With Friends is played online, solo with AI bots or with multiple players. The rules are the same as Scrabble but the brands are different. It can be played on a web browser, Android, Microsoft Windows, and iOS.

One may wonder if the games are easy to play and win? Well, it depends on what are you playing for. If it is about having some fun with words and spend quality time with family and friends, you will never be disappointed. But if see practically, one can’t resist the push to get some online help to crack a jumbled or complicated word and score better than others.

For others who play the game to get their brain working and to outwit others, the may find the word solver exceptionally beneficial to experiment with new moves and create master winning strategies.

And if you are still resisting taking extra help and find it unfair against the players, make a common rule for the game. For instance, players can use the help 3 times in the entire game only; or, only one tool is permitted after scoring 100 points on the board.

Win fair and square and solve words — simple to complicated — like a word wizard.

How to use a word solver in a word game

Step #1: Do some homework — start with basic research

Do not start a game without preparation. Keep some words prepared for you to start the game and keep the game going.

Step #2: Use word help, if you’re stuck and or the game permits

Great if you have set the rules. In the absence, you can find the website on the net and use it for free.

Step #3: Enter letters to unscramble words

It is a matter of a few clicks only. Enter letters and get valid words to solve the game. Easy to use and navigate, our word solver gets you through some of the confounded word puzzles in the world.

What is stopping you from using the word solver?

Try it now.


Scrabble® Word Cheat is an incredibly easy-to-use tool that is designed to help users find answers to various word puzzles. With the help of Scrabble Word Cheat, you can easily score in even the most difficult word games like scrabble, words with friends, and other similar word games like Jumble words, Anagrammer, Wordscraper, Wordfeud, and so on. Consider this site a cheat sheet to all the word puzzles you have ever known.

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Scrabblewordcheat.com is not affiliated with SCRABBLE®, Mattel Inc, Hasbro Inc, Zynga with Friends, or Zynga Inc in any way. This site is only for entertainment and is designed to help you crack even the most challenging word puzzle. Whenever you are stuck at a really difficult level of Scrabble or words with friends, you will find this site incredibly helpful. You may also want to check out: the amazing features of our tool that enables you to unscramble upto 15 letters or the advanced filters that lets you sort through words starting or ending with a specific letter.

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