Vocabulary is something that is hard to master. This is why many have got stuck while playing the CodyCross - Crossword Puzzles game. If you are one of them, you can drop your worries. CodyCross Answers is a tool that can be used to accomplish the mission. No matter on which level, world, or group you are in, CodyCross cheats and answers work on every level. Just use this tool to find a suitable word and see how you qualify level after level.

What is CodyCross?

CodyCross is a popular and addictive game developed by Fanatee INC. Here are some of the basic highlights of the game.

  • This is a crossword puzzle game that not only provides a source of entertainment but also helps increase your awareness of the world.
  • It is an opportunity to learn a lot of new words. A fun way to build vocabulary.
  • There are hundreds of crossword puzzles waiting to be solved. Just exercise your brain to solve them.

How to Play the CodyCross Game?

The game begins with a friendly alien that crashes and lands on Earth. This alien is counting on your help to discover the exciting universe. All you have to do is

  • Travel virtually across space and time to unveil the wonders of the universe. There are a lot of themed puzzles.
  • The crossword puzzles used in this game are divided into various worlds and groups. Each world contains 20 groups and there are 5 puzzles for each group. Each puzzle comes with 15-20 clues. Guess the clue to get entry into the next group.
  • Use your skills and knowledge to unlock the beautifully designed thematic world.
  • Once the task is accomplished, you will have access to new content. Just provide the correct answers to proceed further.
  • For each correct answer, you will be rewarded with a secret vertical word. This will take you one step closer to your destination. Use it to form other pending words.

Keep on solving crosswords to explore beautiful sceneries. There are unique adventures at each level. Explore different categories like Under the sea, Inventions, Circus, Sports, Fauna and Flora, Ancient Egypt, Wild West, Cruise Ship, Fantasy world and a lot more. Buckle up for an adventurous journey.

Note: This game can be synchronized with Facebook.

How to Use CodyCross Answers?

CodyCross Answers is a kind of search tool that is specifically designed to look for crossword puzzle answers. You can type up to 15 letters. All you have to do is

1. Enter the letters in the search box and click on “Submit”. This tool will delve into a lexicon in search of every word that can possibly be the required answer.

2. If the exact or closest matching word is not found, use the “Advanced Filter”. It is available in the right corner of the search box.

3. "Advanced Filter” will provide you with more options. Now you can add a starting letter, ending letter, or the letter that is contained within the word you are looking for. This will help in bringing more refined results.

4. The results will be available in the Word Length format like “ 9 Letter Words”, “6 Letter Words”, “4 Letter Words” and so on. This will bring the best possible match or the exact word required to solve the puzzle.

This is not the end. The tool gives you a lot more than just CodyCross Cheats. Click on the word to find out its meaning, synonyms and examples of its correct usage in a sentence. This way you are not only going to successfully level up but are also going to increase your vocabulary.

Tips & Tricks to Clear Levels

Thousands of people around the world are downloading the CodyCross app from various app stores. This game is played by about 10 million players daily.

This is the reason the game is becoming more challenging day by day. But this doesn’t mean difficult levels can’t be cleared.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you a lot.

  • Avoid Answering in Chronological Order: Answering the clues in chronological order seems to be an easy task, but often it is not. It is better to look for the ones that seem easy. Once done with the easiest, move on to the more difficult ones. You will notice that as the answers are filled correctly, there are several tiles that fill up automatically with alphabets.
  • Utilize Free Coins: Daily players get rewarded with free coins everyday. Use these coins to uncover tiles. Just drag your alien friend to the letter tile you want to uncover and reveal the letter. It will take you a step closer to solving the crossword puzzle.
  • Work on Challenges: Earn more free points by working on challenges. Collect the corresponding number of tokens for every challenge you accomplish. Tokens can be used later to complete pending words.
  • Consider the Secret Word: Try to guess the secret word that is formed vertically. This will make the task easier by offering more hints. Guessing the vertical word correctly will uncover more clues to the horizontal words.
  • CodyCross Answers Tool: Although the above-mentioned tricks and tips will work in most cases, if you are still stuck somewhere and need a little help, refer to the tool. It will provide the right words to beat the challenge and jump to the next level.

Why get stuck on a challenge when it can be beaten with a simple and easy-to-use crossword tool? Use our CodyCross puzzle answers to learn more about the universe by advancing in the game.


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