Text Twist can be hard to win, let alone score high. The good news, there is a Text Twist solver that helps you find as many words as possible using 6 letters.

You can win the Text Twist game without any help, too. But when the clock is ticking, most players find it difficult to crack the puzzle. Luckily, you can use this free Text Twist helping tool on the internet.

What is Text Twist Game

Text Twist is a popular online game for word lovers. Developed by GameHouse, the game tests players vocabulary and knowledge of English words while allowing them to have some fun.

Text Twist enables you to rearrange the letters entered into meaningful words. Make more words and score high. It is not that simple. The clock is ticking as each round runs for 2 min only.

To qualify for the next round, players are required to find the longest letter word using all the 6 letters before the time runs out.

You can make words with a minimum of 3, 4 or 5 letters but that does not push you ahead in the game. You have to unscramble the 6 letters to stay in the game.

How to Play Text Twist Game

It is a one-player game and addictive too. Text Twist game is available online on many sites. You can also download it on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows device.

The interface is intuitive with legible tabs. The sound quality is good too and not annoyingly screechy. Look at your game score and timer at the bottom of the page.

The game is easy to play but beginners should read the players instructions.

How Text Twist Word Unscrambler Works

It is an easy word solver that unscrambles letters to form words you can use for Text Twist, Scrabble, Words with Friends and other word games.

The algorithm is simple and easy to understand. Once a player enters the letters in the search box, the algorithm screens the database and pops out relevant words.

Use the advanced word search criteria and you will find filtered results. The words can be used for scoring high in Text Twist games and many other games.

7 Helpful Tips to Score High in Text Twist

Those who are good at English and have played word games before may find Text Twist easy. Yet those new to this game are free to read the tips:

1. Look for singular words that can turn into a plural by adding 's' or 'es'.

2. Look for 3 or 4 letter words. They are far easier to discover than long words.

3. Look for words that read differently when reversed.

4. Look for words whose length can increase by adding 'ing' 'ed' and 'er'.

5. Look for words that consist of doubler letters like TT, OO and EE.

6. Do not stop after finding the 6 letter word. Continue looking for shorter words that add to your final game score.

7. Read, Read and Read some more. Memorise some commonly used words that can get you quick scores.

We understand if players are reluctant to use the Text Twist Solver. If you’re stuck at any stage of the game with time running out, you can visit the page and use the tool to stay in the game.

All that, free of cost. The Text Twist solver is for help and not to cheat others or play on your behalf.

Text Twist Cheat

Text Twist Solver is no less than a word unscrambler. It rearranges letters entered to create words that are valid and meaningful for the game.

How to Use Text Twist Cheat

1. Enter the letters in the search box and click 'search'.

2. Find words that start and end with a specific alphabet or contains a set of letters. Enter the letters and click ‘search’.

3. Do not forget to select the word dictionary.

4. You can use option 1 alone or in the combination with the advanced search.

The search algorithm unscramble the letters to form words in different combinations like

Words with 3 letters
Words with 4 letters
Words with 5 letters
Words with 6 letters

You can also find words with a specific letter (s) at the beginning, ending or anywhere in the middle. Like

There's more to it.

Use it once and discover the secret to winning Text Twist and other word games!

Play Text Twist 2 Solver FREE Online

Text Twist loves twisting us. It becomes more evident with Text Twist 2, an advanced version of the original word game.

Earlier, we had to find a 6 letter word to win the challenge but now the players will have to unscramble 7 letters to form a word.

Rest, the game is pretty much safe. Interestingly, the Text Twist Solver can help you solve these word puzzles. Try Text Twist 2 free online without worrying about losing the game or feeling dejected.

There is this tool that can keep Text Twist players happy and in the game.


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