The Ultimate Guide To Winning Boggle With Friends

Dec 03, 2021

Do you have good vocabulary? Do you love classic word games? If yes, download the “Boggle With Friends” gaming app.

It is one of the most entertaining word games where you can have fun with millions of Boggle players across the world.

However, the game is not as easy as you think. There are a lot of interesting twists, levels and challenges that can even confuse a word lover.

No worries.

Read this comprehensive guide to boost your chances of winning “Boggle With Friends”.

1. Matches & Rounds

The matching software embedded into the “Boggle With Friends” pairs you with a competitor who has a similar skill level as you.

This gives you the chance to get connected to like-minded people which eventually boosts your game skills. Of course, there is an option to play with your loved ones also.

There are 3 rounds in each match. You need to spend 1 coin to play each round.

There are no bonus tiles in the 1st round, but the other 2 rounds have bonus tiles like double and triple letters.

2. Use power-ups

Power-ups can help you score high in this word game. There are regular and mega power-ups in the game.

● Freeze: Using regular freeze power-up can stop the timer for 30 seconds and mega power-up can stop for 60 seconds.

● Spin: Spin the board to discover new words.

● Blaze: Multiplies your score per word for a few seconds.

● Vision: Shows 3 words that are on the board at once.

● Inspiration: Reveals some words to players.

You can choose free power-up per round and use coins to choose up to 3. Mega power-ups can either be bought or won through completing challenges.

3. Play daily matches

You will have at least 1 daily match that will be quite visible at the top of the menu of your ongoing matches, highlighted in orange.

All matches cost 1 coin and the daily matches cost nothing. In fact, you can earn 3 points while playing daily matches.

This offers you a great opportunity to get connected to new players, improve your game performance and earn more coins.

4. Daily quests

Daily quests contain 4 tasks that keep on changing every day.

For instance, you may have to find 5 words that contain the letter Q but not U and sometimes you may have to find words containing only vowels.

If you complete all tasks, you can access a mystery box that has coins or mega power ups.

5. Daily challenges

Challenges are part of a daily quest only.

Every day, there will be new boards and rules. Someday you may have to find 6 letter words starting with z. Sometimes the goal is only to find a maximum number of 2 letter words.

If you win the daily challenge, you’ll earn points that can help you open a mystery box containing coins and mega power ups.

Moreover, if you play and complete daily challenges for a week, you may win an extra prize.

6. Tournaments

Playing “Boggle With Friends” more frequently can help you get pink tickets. You can either use these tickets to buy stickers or to play tournaments.

The best advice is to spend tickets for playing tournaments.

Tournaments allow multiple players to compete against each other in brackets. Each tournament has different levels and rules. If you win the tournament, you get more tickets. For a higher level of the competition, you can win prizes like mega power-ups and coins.

7. Practise

As it is said,” Practise makes a man perfect.” While playing this game, you may come across a tough opponent who can be hard to beat. That’s because they practice a lot.

Similarly, if you will play and practise the game daily, you can become a champion in no time.

In the end…

Whether you want to play a solo game or want to play with multiple players, “Boggle With Friends” is the best word game for you. Enjoy it with your friends, family or relatives.

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