How Playing Scrabble Helps Children?

Apr 15, 2022

As a kid, do you recall spending hours on end with your relatives and friends at the kitchen table playing games? In addition to providing hours of entertainment, board games may benefit your child's cerebral development.

When it comes to games that are both fun and educational, Scrabble is a no-brainer. Getting your youngster interested in the English language is a huge plus.

Learn how Scrabble can assist your child in the following paragraphs.

How Scrabble Started

Alfred Mosher Butts, an American architect, founded Scrabble in 1938, and it has since become a beloved family game for both kids and adults. Cooperative and competitive play is encouraged in this board game that may be played inside. Played by two or four players.

An overview of the game can be seen below.

Benefits of Playing Scrabble

Scrabble is a game that appeals to people of all ages. In addition to being funny for the whole family, it's also a competitive game with its own competitions.

Find out the top 10 Scrabble advantages.

  • Improving memory

Playing Scrabble as a youngster is supposed to raise a child's intelligence. Scrabble is a great way to get kids improve their memory and acquire new word makers that they would not otherwise encounter in their regular lives.

Playing more Scrabble can help kids improve their memory since they will be exposed to both similar and dissimilar circumstances.

  • Building good vocabulary

It's a given that one of the most popular word games on the market will help children develop their vocabulary. The sheer volume of unfamiliar terms they'll come across could pique their curiosity enough to motivate them to research their meanings. It's a good idea to explain the meanings of the words you use to your child so that they can better retain them later on.

  • Improving their ability to spell right

Scrabble has long been credited with improving children's ability to spell words right. It encourages the accurate usage of words. It's important to develop good spelling habits early on since, as we get older, our brains have a harder time picking up on more complex spelling ideas.

  • Enhance one's aptitude

Words, spelling, and vocabulary aren't the only things to keep in mind when playing Scrabble. If children are given a chance to calculate word placement points, they will become better mathematicians. The basic addition of points is a good starting point, but more complex sums, such as dealing with double or triple letters or word makers, can also be worked on. It is possible that greater sums, such as total points added and cumulative points added, may aid them in their final victory.

  • Promote family time

For family-oriented game nights, Scrabble is a good choice because of its easy-to-understand idea and rigorous skill level. Playing scrabble with family and friends make way for lasting memories, as well as make new ones.

  • Develop social skills

Scrabble is a board game that combines the social characteristics of other board games with the opportunity for word-based discourse. By participating in such games, children get the chance to communicate with others and make new friends. Discover common interests and build strong relationships.

There is also an online Scrabble world to explore, depending on the age of the youngster. That means that your child will be able to play and speak with people from all around the world and learn about other cultures via the delight of playing the game.

  • Reduce children’s screen time

Your kids may need a little healthy diversion if they spend all day in front of a computer or any other electronic device. In order to prevent youngsters from spending too much time in front of the television or with mobile phones, playing board games should be encouraged.

  • Make children competitive

Scrabble, of course, is all about playing and winning. Most children are enthralled by the prospect of competing against their peers and demonstrating their superior vocabulary.

In spite of this, Scrabble is a game that encourages good communication and helps youngsters develop a healthy level of competitiveness.

Wrapping It Up

Scrabble isn't just for fun! Scrabble tournaments exist in the same way that crossword puzzle and spelling bee contests do. Scrabble is a popular game for a variety of reasons, including those listed above.

Introduce your children to the game and play with them in your spare time. We are sure it’s going to be a learning experience for everyone.


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