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Here’s Everything you Need to Know About Word Scrambler

Nov 07, 2022

Word scrambler or word scramble generator is a helpful tool designed to create different types of word scrambling and unscrambling games. These games are not only enjoyed by kids at birthday parties but are also very popular among parents and teachers. They are used as educational tool for kids.

What is a Word Scramble Game?

When you play a word scramble game, you are expected to unscramble words that are given to you to make a meaningful word. You need to arrange the vowels and consonants to make a word that has a meaning.

Let us take for instance, “CIPFIOCA”. You can create a lot of words like Pacific, cap, cop, and much more. Unjumble the letters and frame as many words as you can.

Why Use a Word Scrambler Tool?

No matter how much you think that you do not need a word-scrambling generator to do the simple task of jumbling up the letters in a word. However, unscrambling words is not as easy as it seems. Most scrambling games come with an entire list of words that need to be scrambled.

If the words are too small or too long, this simple-looking task can be a lot tougher. As you go further down the game, it gets harder and more time-consuming. This is the time when word scramblers come into action.

How to Play Word Scramble Games?

As we have mentioned before, in word scramble games, you have to un-jumble or re-arrange the scrambled letters to make a meaningful word.


It is a part of a word scramble. The word ‘anagram’ means to discover hidden meanings by reading letters out of order. However, when you play anagram scramble, there is no need to find any hidden purpose as such. All you need to do is see letters and unjumble them from a set of scrambled words to create words that are present in it.

Letter Arrangements

Jumbled letters can be arranged in different ways:

Vertical Letter Arrangement

You can place the jumbled letters vertically, one after another, just like a column of letters.

Horizontal Letter Arrangement

The letters of a scrambled word can also be presented horizontally. It looks like a row of letters arranged haphazardly.

Triangular Letter Arrangement

The letters are randomly present inside a triangle. You have the choice to pick the letters in three different ways.

You can either choose the letters from X-axis, i.e. from the horizontal side. Or you can choose from the Y-axis to create a meaningful word.

Moreover, you can choose the scattered letters from the whole triangle to create a word. When you have to create a lengthy word, you must follow this method.

Two Essential Tips for Word Scramble Players

  1. All you need to do is rearrange the letter tiles. You must rearrange the letter-engraved tiles on the board to create meaningful words.
  2. You must keep the right order of vowels and consonants in your mind for creating a meaningful word. Typically, you score 1 point for each four-letter word and 5-points for each ten-letter word. You usually score more points as the word gets lengthy.

Tips & Tricks to Unjumble Scrambled Words

If you wish to win a word scramble game, you must read consistently and practice words of a particular language.

Scramble Words List

Here are some sets of jumbled words. You can unjumble them with the help of online word scrambler and obtain as many words as possible.

Scrambled Word #1: PLEA

If you unscramble the words, you get:

  • Five-letter word: APPLE
  • Four-letter words: PALE, PLEA, LEAP, PALP
  • Three-letter words: LAP, PEA, PAL

Scrambled Word #2: REGIT

The unscrambled words are:

  • Five-letter word: TIGER
  • Four-letter words: TRIG, TIRE, TIER, RITE
  • Three-Letter words: TIE, GET, RET

Scrambled Word #3: LEWBO

The unscrambled words are:

  • Five-Letter words: BOWEL, ELBOW, BELOW
  • Four-Letter Words - BLEW, BOWL, BLOW, LOBE
  • Three-Letter Words - OWL, OLE, OWE, WEB, WOE, BOW, and much more.

The Takeaway

There is no indoor game more exciting than word scramble games that you can play in your leisure time. Most importantly, unscrambling random letters and creating words out of it is brainstorming. With our word scramble solver, this game can become a lot more fun and exciting.

We are more than happy to help if you need any assistance.


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