Here’s All you Need to Know About Wordscape Puzzles

Sep 19, 2022

With so many word games sprouting up like anything every day, there is a world full of possibilities for all the word nerds out there. Just when you thought you were done and dusted with the word games and the fun was over, Wordscapes hits the scenes.

What Exactly is Wordscapes?

It is typically a word puzzle game that is set against a soothing backdrop of the ocean, a forest, or a mountain. Such serene backgrounds are chosen to help you concentrate more and make this game an enjoyable experience for you.

The main aim of Wordscapes is to create words from letters to fill a crossword puzzle. Just like an anagram, all you need to do is swipe the letters in various directions to form a word. Wordscapes is different from other word games in a way that its objective is not to make as many words as possible.

Instead, the blank spaces in the puzzle act as a guide for you to complete the words. If the word you have inserted is valid and fits in the puzzle, you can move on to the next word. The best part about the games is that each level is quick, with just a few words to fill.

And if you are stuck, you also have the option of requesting a “hint.” However, that requires you to pay with your coins.

How to Play Wordscapes?

This is undeniably one of the easiest word games to play. Once you decide to play the game, you’ll receive a wheel of letters. The real challenge is for you to extract the words from those letters. Once you have pondered over what words you can build with the provided letters. You can then submit the word you made to the Crossword-Puzzle-like grid.

Then you acquire so-called Power-Ups, which are four different types of clues. You can get the Bullseye hint, which allows you to choose whatever empty spot you want to reveal a letter in. The Spelling Bee will both reveal letters and drop some coins over the most difficult words in your game.

Other options include the Lightbulb hint, which will reveal a complete word, Rocket Pops, which will randomly reveal a group of letters, and Lightbulb hints, which will reveal an entire word.

How to Find Wordscapes Answers Using our Platform

You might find it surprising but there are around 12000 levels to this game. Let us take, for instance, you are at the first level of the game, and you are consistently starting at the letters to make the words magically unscramble.

All you need to do is enter the 5 letters, and all the combinations will appear out of nowhere. For example, if you have the letters O, N, W, G, N, and I., the combinations that would appear are Gown, own, now, wig, wing, won, gin, and owing.

Tips for Acing at Wordscapes Every Time

Give Extra Attention to that Extra Word If you are a regular player, you might have seen that most Wordscapes levels come with an extra word that has a coin in every space. You must devote all your effort to figuring that word out first.

Consequently, your quest to solve the extra word will most likely yield some words in the main puzzle. You might even get some bonus words for more coins.

Focus on the Longest Word

If you don’t have an extra word to figure out, your priority should be to spell the longest word that fits the puzzle. The one that uses all the six letters on the wheel is what buys the most help with the other clues. Moreover, it is a huge confidence boost once you get the six-letter monster word out of the way.

Pluralize the Words

Most puzzles rely on adding an S to an already played word. If the letter appears on your wheel, take it as an opportunity to pluralize whatever word you can. You’ll surely score a bonus word even if it’s not in the puzzle.

Use the Abbreviations

Even though the Worscapes dictionary is not as generous as that of Words with Friends or Scrabble and does not accept slang like “BFF” and “Hon”, but, it does accept abbreviations. Including “sub,” alt,” “demo,”, and “pro,”

Do the Shuffle

You must keep hitting the shuffle button if you are struggling to make letter connections. Make sure you keep them shuffling until you see a pattern that makes sense. It might not lead to the actual word, but a new perspective might give your brain the boost it needs.

Wrapping it Up

All the word games including Wordscapes all operate on the similar mechanism of “here are the letters, there are the blanks, put them together and make words.” However, Wordscapes has enough engaging content to make it everyone’s go-to game.

With Wordscapes cheats, tricks, and tips, you can win at it every time you play. We can even assist you. Give our word generator a chance and get better at every game.


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