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Dec 13, 2022

Cody Cross is a crossword puzzle-solving game starring an alien creature named Cody. Your job is to explore Earth as Cody in order to help him complete his journey and learn new things. The only way to do this, naturally, is by winning in-game puzzle challenges.

Know CodyCross’ Publishers - Fanatee 

Headquartered in Brazil, Fanatee specializes in creating puzzle games for mobile devices and console systems. They created Cody Cross in 2017. Their game release score stands at 150 million downloads in 11 different languages.

The Rules of CodyCross

Cody crossword is a simple game that is simple to pick up.

Each Cody crossword problem is made up of words or terms of the same length. A blank square is used to represent each letter in each word.

By tapping on the letters at the bottom of the screen, you may spell out each word in the puzzle by filling in the gaps to find your Cody cross puzzle answers.

The first word on the list is where you should begin, but you can tap on any other word to solve it instead.

A crossword clue for the word you've chosen will show up whenever you do. You must determine which word or words the clue refers to before typing them into the corresponding squares.

When you've figured out every clue in the puzzle, you've finished a level.

Game-Winning Strategies for Cody Cross

Although Cody Crossword does a lot to assist you in playing, getting some outside advice will help you find the CodyCross Puzzle Answers. Use these hints to solve the more difficult riddles quickly and simply.

As was previously stated, you do not need to finish the words in order. When you get stuck on a word, switch between them. The game rewards you for creating a word by inadvertently disclosing letters in the squares of some other words.

Locate the hidden messages: These hidden special words are indicated by being a different color from the regular words in the word lists and are tucked away vertically. You can decide to solve these words first once they begin to develop. 

You might be able to fill in the missing letters for challenging horizontal words by doing this.

There is no penalty for attempting any words or letters that come to mind, so keep doing it. There are no timers on any of the levels, so feel free to experiment.

Instead of starting with the initial letter of a word, you can tap on a certain vacant square to discover that letter. Focus on the letters you do know and ignore the ones you don't. The longer you play, the more the CodyCross puzzle answers will come into view.

Our CodyCross solver may save you a lot of time and effort, so use it to your advantage. 

To see all of your word options, just visit our CodyCross unscrambler and enter upto 15 letters for CodyCross puzzle answers. 

CodyCross Features & Modes

There’s a lot more fun to the Cody crossword levels. Looking for CodyCross puzzle answers becomes more challenging at every level giving you more room to grow.

The main game: There are five riddles in each of the Groups, which make up the core game mode. You can access each Group and carry on with the quest once you have solved all five riddles in a group.

Today's Crossword: After finishing a few Groups, you can access these daily challenges. Words in these puzzles crisscross both horizontally and vertically, just as they would in a typical crossword problem.

The main game's puzzles must be completed in order to access themed packs of puzzles. They adhere to distinct themes from the other game modes and are arranged according to the degree of difficulty. We have the perfect tool to help you find CodyCross puzzle answers.


Just have fun playing Cody crossword and get all the Cody Cross puzzle answers with ease. 

The more you play, the more your intuition will help you. Keep playing to get better. 


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