Anagram Solver: Scrabble, WWF & Crosswords

May 11, 2022

Do you love playing with words, rearranging them, and generating new words? If you're nodding your head in ‘yes’, chances are you know about anagrams. They are certain words or phrases that produce new words or phrases when the same letters are rearranged. For instance, the word "schoolmaster" can be changed to "the classroom" on rearrangement. 

But there is one important rule to remember while creating new words. You need to use all the letters from the word or phrase you're transforming. If you love the word gaming, you can use anagram solver tools to solve complex anagrams. 

With the help of an anagram word solver, you can brush up your skills to win Words with Finder, Scrabble, and many more word games. 

What Is An Anagram Solver? 

Anagram puzzle solver, also known as anagram solver, is one of the most useful tools in playing anagram puzzle games. It is a tool that helps to rearrange the letter combinations and make new words. Though there are many anagrams that you solve without using any anagram solver, many complex words require a handy tool. An anagram generator is a perfect solution to all those jumbles of letters. 

Steps To Use Anagram Solver To Make New Words 

If you're looking to use this efficient anagram word finder tool, here are the few simple steps you need to follow. 

  1. Check out the prefixes and suffixes of the given words 
  2. Pick those prefixes and suffixes out
  3. Reorder the letters and try to create a new word from it 

Let's take an example to understand anagram solver better. 

Consider the word "Painter" and try to follow the above steps in a specific order. Pick the suffix "er" and reverse its order to make it "re." On rearrangement, the new letter becomes "repaint." Besides this, you can rearrange the letters of the original word to create more words. For instance, you can transform the word "painter" to "pertain." 

Likewise, there are plenty of other anagram examples. These include:

  • young lady = an old guy
  • meteor = remote
  • video game = give a demo
  • funeral = real fun
  • act = cat
  • desserts = stressed
  • gainly = laying
  • conversation = voice rants on
  • study = dusty
  • night = thing

Anagram solver can help you in word games like Scrabble and Words with Friends, and Crosswords. 

Tips To Solve Anagrams 

When you have a board of random words in front, it can get confusing to make valid words. Regardless of which anagram game you're playing, following a set of tips will help you walk through the letters and create one. From Scrabble to Words With Friends and everything in between, you can easily solve any word game. 

  • Check For Combinations Of Consonants 

In English, the whole letter game revolves around consonants and vowels. Among these two major pillars of English, consonants form major words. Start eliminating the words by checking the combination of consonants. For instance, you will never find the words that have t and q or p and k next to each other. This is one of the best ways by which you can eliminate words and get the right anagram. 

  • Look At Suffixes 

"ing," "tion," and "ness" are some of the most common suffixes to look for. In your random letter game, you can look for such kinds of suffixes. Once you get them, your next step is to look for a verb that can go with a suffix like "ing" to form new words and phrases. A few other suffixes to look for include ment, ed, er, ism, ly, and more. 

  • Then, Pick Out Prefix 

Prefix stands for the word "before," and you can find it at the front of your word. Try to recognize prefixes like ab, ad, dis, de, un, sub, re, ex, and more. You can pick these prefixes and then alter them to make new words. This will help you to build your word and win your word game. 

  • Memorize Multiple Words

If you're looking to develop anagramming skills, you should start with memorizing multiple words. It is one of the best ways by which you can improve your vocabulary along with solving your word games easily. When you solve anagrams for a long time, you will start noticing the patterns and the similar words. This, in turn, will help you take advantage of memorized words during gaming. 

  • Use Anagram Maker 

The final and most important tip to win your word game is by using the anagram word maker. The tool will not only help you to rearrange the words but also ensure that you earn the highest points in your game. The anagram maker will assist you in making lucrative moves in less time. Scrabble players can use the anagram generator to make words with the help of tile points. 

What's More? Word & Phrase Unscrambler

Now that you've got enough knowledge about anagram solver, let's have a look at word and phrase unscrambler. These are two major types of tools that can help word gamers in rearranging words. 

  • Word Unscrambler:

It allows you to search for anagrams with the letters. You can enter the word in alphabetical order and then use the advanced filter to search for new words. For instance, if you have the word "listen" and wish to find its anagram, all you need to do is type "EILNTS" in the search bar. As soon as you type, the word unscrambler will find the word "Silent." 

  • Phrase Unscrambler:

It is another tool that helps you to rearrange the words of a phrase. It helps you to get a new phrase in seconds. For instance, if you have the phrase "moon starter," you can type the letters "AEMNOORRST" in alphabetical order. The phrase unscrambler will automatically rearrange the words to form a new phrase called "Astronomer." 

Win Your Next Word Game With Anagram Solver Cheat

 If you're a novice to the word gaming, you should definitely try the anagram solver cheat to get new words in a few clicks. Our scrabble word cheat is one of the best tools that is designed to help you with quick answers. Check out the amazing features of scrabble word cheat today to win your next game! 


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