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7 Fool-proof Tips to Win at Scrabble

Oct 12, 2022

There’s always that one player who is a whizz at Scrabble. Time to beat them with these stellar tips that are bound to win. Even if you’re someone with an excellent vocabulary, you could be at a loss for words at scrabble.

Never fear, when we are here! You can make use of these foolproof tips to enrich your Scrabble vocabulary and win more. Surprise your friends with your Scrabble makeover.

Let’s dive in -

  • Rearrange Tiles

Simple, right? Now just why didn’t you think of this before? Okay, maybe you did. But, did you know that you can leverage the power of the human brain the more you rearrange the tiles? When the human brain processes words, it only reads the first and the last alphabets and makes sense of the rest contextually. It’s easier to decode anagrams if the first and last letters are in their places. Aamznig, rhgit?

  • Enrich Vocab with Q, Z, X, and J

Now, what is this tomfoolery? Q has the most points in the game of Scrabble. The second alphabet is Z. Z is easier to make words with than Q. Enrich your vocabulary with words containing Q without U. Find words that contain these difficult alphabets.

Learn Words with Q without U

  • Plan Middle Square Letter

We are sure you must already know this one, but if you don’t - make use of the opportunity if you’re the first player. Start strong. Utilise the center star tile, and put upto 5 letters down. Always strategize the first move. You can start either horizontally or vertically.

Tip - making a word horizontally first may be better to start with because vertical placement will leave a lot of bonus tiles open for your opponent.

  • Utilise 2 and 3-letter words

Short words on bonus tiles are explosive for your Scrabble score. You can use 2 - 3 letter words at the end of the game to boost your score. Keep these handy in your active vocabulary. Get as creative as you can with the empty spaces left at the end of the game. Use your alphabet tiles to connect two words for a bigger score.

  • Save S’s

S’s and A’s are the most useful in the game of Scrabble. When you’re at the end of your tether, simply add an S to a word and walk away with points for the whole word! Unleash the power of the S tiles at strategic times (read: at the end of the game).

  • Use Vowels Strategically

If you have an entire rack of vowels, you can stack them upon an existing word to change it and bag the points for the entire word. You can form multiple two-letter words. Now imagine the points you can stack up with vowels alone. Turn the tide of the game in your favour!

  • Build a Vocabulary of Words Without Vowels

There are many words without vowels. You won’t have the good fortune of having vowels in your stack all the time. Use words without vowels and load those points - cry, scry, rhythm, by, glyph. You can make words like brr, hmm, psst, pfft too. These are words recognised in English and qualify to be used in Scrabble.

Stack up the Points

Have fun with Scrabble and astonish your opponent with a new set of vocabulary. Keep improving your vocabulary and see the results.

Scrabble has a strategy just like any other game. You may be at the top of your game when it comes to vocabulary, and with a little nudge, you can find yourself at the top of Scrabble too. Let’s get into it!

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